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The Destroyer: Man with the 'World's Largest Manhood' Proves That it's Real!

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We all know that Guinness had been listing a lot of weird and unbelievable world records in their famous book, and I think this story is one of it.

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, a 52-year-old man claimed that he has the largest manhood in the world which has a length of 18.9 inches. He even used a pair of weighing scales to prove it. His weapon hangs well below his knees as you can see on the video.

He is indeed determined to be recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.

However, He wanted to be recognized as disabled because of his large manhood aside from being recognized as a gifted man.

The doctors claimed that his manhood was just over 6 inches and the rest was just extra skin after undergoing a medical examination. But still, the X-Ray proves that his manhood is real.

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Source: TMZ


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  1. guys you might want to watch this Shaolin Monk Walks on Water here is the ->> Link

    1. wow thanks Edward for suggesting another interesting Topic

  2. I want to see it please send it to me the real vedio with a black cover his manhood.

  3. it must be a liability not an asset since he couldn't use one could dare such a mammoth size. my sympathy for the gentleman




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