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That Thing Extracted from His Right Ear Really is Painfully Frightening!

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There has been a lot of videos of insects that entered and live inside human ears, then eventually died are published on world wide web, But I haven't seen one that's still alive and kicking after it gets pulled out, until I found this video.

Watch and prepare to be frightened by this footage of a man who has been complaining to his friends that he's experiencing massive pain on his ears, in the thought that there might be something entered in it.

 The man lying on the floor claims that he's feeling extreme pain in his right ear. At first, his friends were laughing at him because of his actions from the pain that he has been experiencing, but everyone was baffled after looking inside his ear and found something really frightening.
Instead of seeking for a doctor's help and receive treatment, he decided to let his friends pull it out, Maybe because he can't stand anymore pain.

The extraction of the bug from his ear is successful, But scared everyone after it moves and flies away from the scene.

Well, it really is painful frightening to watch. Do you have any thoughts about this? You can share that below in the comment box!

Source: Jacob Stanfield


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