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Tagalog Interview: Yaya Dub Overwhelmed by the Fans!

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No one had ever expected that a simple yet well known Icon on social media for her Dubsmash videos could make it to the top in today's entertainment. Well that's what Maine "Yaya Dub" Mendoza just said to herself after her exclusive tagalog interview.

In this video, Yaya Dub is stating how does she feels about her instant fame which have gone over the top these past few months. She even said that it is one of her dreams, to be watched by many on national television.

She left an advice to those aspirants who wanted to take the path that she took to achieve their goals. Just do your best, you can't rush things up.

Para sa mga curios sa totoo kong tinig! -#YayaDub-
Posted by Lola Nidora on Sunday, July 12, 2015

Some netizens only viewed this article because of their curiosity on how does Maine Mendoza sounds like when talking with our native language.

Credits: Lola Nidora


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  1. Marian Rivera.. they sound quite the same




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