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Syrian Child Cries as He Speaks from His Heart Telling What They've been Through!

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While we have our game consoles, gadgets and other fun things, there are people that has nothing and all they wanted to have is peace and equality.

Watch this video of a kid who uncontrollably cries while speaking what him and his family have been through with their devastating experience in Syria, this will touch your heart as he touches mine.

Hopefully, this video could be powerful enough to touch everyone's heart and help these people because they need it the most especially at this kind of calamity. You may just want to thank God for all the blessings that you've been having in which you complain everyday.

It is really sad to see our people suffer like this. Hopefully the killing spree and crime could stop now because there are more innocent lives that could go to waste.


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  1. So young and already saying that Allah is great???

    How can you as a parent indoctrinate your false religion into your children ?

    You don't have anything but still saying Allah is great. I think there must be something wrong with your beliefs no???

  2. i dont see the relationship of the video and your argument is. you are clearly attacking one's religion. Why publicly tell that the religion is a false one? i strongly believe that wether youre a christian or a muslim, one must respect everyone's religion without any question and without scrutinizing eyes. cant we have any trials to our life for you to say to just easily throw you religion? i must throw back the statement to you. wether youre a muslim or not, I THINK THERE MUST BE SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOUR BELIEFS NO???

    respecy is the key dear :) and a trial doesnt mean easily throwing one's religion.

  3. the kid only expressing his feeling.. that even on there darkest days in life they still worship allah....they still not losing their faith....because the kid thinks only alllah can help them...the hopeless child believes that allah willl save them and will never forsake them...because hoping is only they sad but true....




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