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Spoiled Girlfriend Strips Her Clothes Off After BF Refused to Buy Her an iPhone!

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Everyone was excited after the apple company released their latest smartphone iPhone6s and iPhone6s Plus. A lot of people are tempted to get this awesome device onto their hands and own one. But this video might have gone too far.

Watch how this girlfriend strips her clothes off after her boyfriend refused to buy her a new iPhone6s! No one had ever expected to see this kind of scene.

According to an article of Viral4Real, people started gathering around a couple who seemed to bicker about something in a subway station in Nanjing, China. Well, this might be the cause for the woman to burst into a tantrum.

The woman started taking her clothes off one-by-one in frustration until she was completely out of it. But still, she continued to argue with her boyfriend.

Instead of covering her up, the boyfriend continued their verbal battle and didn’t seem to care that his girlfriend is already open for many people to see.

Watch the video below.

Watch this Video for you to see what not to do in a public place. 
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Source: Viral4Real


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  1. Simple reason. She take off her clothes to offer her body and convince her guy to buy her an iPhone6s.

  2. The boyfriend is an idiot. I get that the girl is being childish, but the guy doesn't even care that his girl is naked in public!? There's no forever, they'll break up eventually.

  3. The girl needs professional help, no normal people will take her clothes off just to get a new cellphone. Jeez Girl!

  4. She needs medical help.. Its not normal to act like that as a woman because of material thing...

  5. hindi sya na hiya sa sarili nya...mag trabaho sya para maka bili sya nang iphone 6.




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