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She Attempted to Commit Suicide After Finding Out That Her BF is Already Married and Has Kids!

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There are different issues and reasons for someone to break your heart. Some broke their promises and the others had cheated. But still, there's something which the most unusual yet shocking reason, and here is one of those.

Recently, an unnamed teenager climbed on the ledge of a 3-storey apartment and attempted to jump off after finding out that her boyfriend is already married and have some kids.

Firefighters rushed into the apartment to interfere after announcing that she will jump. They tried asking the girl to stop what she's going to do , give her some advice and convinced her that there's still hope and everything will be okay.

But all those advice and begging didn't work,  they all failed cause the girl chose to jump off the building and end her life.

Luckily, there's an air cushion that was set up by the firefighters. The rescuers checked her immediately and gave her medical treatment.

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Source: Wereblog


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