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Relatives of Rape-Slay Victim Karen Montebon Cries for Justice!

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Pregnancy may result from rape. The rate varies between settings and depends particularly on the extent to which non-barrier contraceptives are being used. But unfortunately, some ends up with crime.

Another awful victim was killed after getting raped, beaten and choked to death.

Karen Montebon, a 17-year old first year college student of the University of San Carlos was raped and killed in her own home at Corinthian Subdivision in Lapu-Lapu City after a burglar broke into their house.
Image from BoyViral
Karen was hid under her bed which was found by her father after getting home from work.

This tragedy caught the attention of everyone, especially the netizens which immediately shared the story of the awfully maltreated victim.

Relatives of Karen cries for help with social media and we are here to help.


You may rest in peace Karen, justice will be served soon.

Source: Boy Viral


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  1. Another reason why death penalty should be implemented here in the Philippines.

  2. I agree to death penalty !! or CUT his D*CK

  3. That is why Criminals did not afraid to do a heinous crimes... return the death penalty law.

  4. goodbye and thank you fly now and don't mind those things from here go and wait your family there beautiful lady

  5. Kung si #DUTERTE ang magiging presidente ng Pilipinas, SIGURADONG DEATH PENALTY ANG KATAPAT NG MGA GUMAWA NITO!!!!!!!! At 100% siguradong mabilis ang aksyon dito.

  6. While the death penalty is something good in a case like this, maybe sitting in a prison cell for life is even more punishment. In the USA he would be considered a child molester and even other prisoners would want to hurt him. Prison for life is a hard thing, much harder than the death penalty I would think. Put him in a cell by himself, never seeing or talking to another human again. He will go crazy and might even kill himself.

  7. suntok ko lang papatay sa mga hayop nato. wla silang awa.

  8. Death penalty kayo ng death penalty eh yung system para mahuli yung tao WALA... bugok investigation system dito...Ayusin muna investigation system para madaling mahuli ung hayop muna, ska kayo mag sinigaw ng death penalty, death penalty

  9. death pinalty dapat nyan para wag tularan

  10. Saka pa kikilos ang gobyerno pag anak/relatives na nila ang nirape.

  11. Dapat talaga ibalik ang DEATH PENALTY tsk potang tao ang nag gawa non walang awa. sana marape din asa oh anak na babae :3

  12. bakit kasi ang rape sa pilipinas kinakaso pa? tapos usad pagong ang tagalan. dapat death penalty na agad.

  13. Kill that bastard..He does not deserve to live on this earth.

  14. return the death penalty to avoid the crime...

  15. Death Penalty is no solution as the crime rate of those countries shows, which still have it. - You know that.

    Death Penalty is irreversible; you also know that sometimes innocent people are executed. Often governments abuse death penalty to silence unwanted opponents. - You could (accidentally) be one of them in a country that tolerates death penalty; think about it.

    I do agree that sometimes legal punishment does not match the pain the offender caused. - The law must find ways to match that.

    And, besides, as far as I know, that killer was already "executed" the next day in Bohol by ... who knows?

    No doubt: My sympathy is with the families. Of both.




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