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Pastillas Girl or Aldub? Which One Has the Most Votes?

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The Rivalry between Aldub and Pastillas Girl is getting even more fiercer and tighter as their avid fans indisputably fought to defend their idols for the mean things that people could've said to them.

But the real question is, who has the most votes on the two parties? Well there's one video of a man roving and asking people around on which side are they in? Aldub or Pastillas girl? You should Check this one out!

In this video, we could all see and hear that people always pick the love team of Aldub because of different positive reasons. But even though, still there are some citizen who appreciates watching Pastillas girl on It's Showtime.
LaBuzz: "Aldub or Pastillas Girl Series 3"
Team Labuzz went to BGC to interview the people, who they will choose "Aldub or Pastillas Girl?" |
Posted by LionhearTV on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

This really is one of the most unforgettable rivalry in the history of both shows. We thank them for entertaining us viewers everyday and hope that they could make both of their segments more interesting.

Source: LionhearTV


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  1. Sorry!!! Aldub!!! #ihateyou #ilikemisspastillas lalo na sa tambalan #cocolits #100%%showtimeadik
    Hindi lahat nang tao gusto ang aldub, maski twins Hindi pareho ang gusto!!!

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