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Man Video Taped Everything After Claiming that He's Being Haunted By a Ghost!

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We've been hearing different stories about ghosts, some may be unbelievably true but some are just made to prevent someone from something just like what our parents did when we're just in grade school.

But does this story of a man who's claiming that he's being haunted by a ghost could be true? Here's what happens after he video taped everything!

A man named Michael Magee claims that he's been followed and haunted by a ghost since the year 2009. But unlike others, this man has an extensive archive of videos that could prove what he's saying. He even has his popular Youtube Channel that even reveals his scary paranormal encounters.

Watch the full video and see how he's being disturbed by these ghosts!

Do you think that this man is faking it or just too real to have doubts? 

Credits: MichaelDMagee


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