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Last words From a 3-Year-Old Syrian Kid Before He Died..."I'm Gonna Tell God Everything".

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"I'm gonna tell God everything" The last sentence of a 3-year-old Syrian Boy said before he died.
This picture is haunting and it's been floating around the internet with this sentence. It's impossible to verify but the picture tells a story about the pain and suffering that exists in Syria right now.

There are many in the media who would like to say this is because president Bashar al-Assad is a ruthless killer.

The war has come the death of tens of thousands and the displacement of over 1 million Syrians now living in refugee camps.

The whole world is now praying for these people, hopefully it could end sooner.

Credits: World News


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  1. I am sure He will believe this 3 yeear old baby boy's story...




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