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Heart Touching Story of a Deaf Baby Hearing His Mother's Voice for the Very First Time!

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Having a child who is deaf or hard of hearing will take more on your part as a parent. More time, more patience, and more work. It will be different from a hearing child. Different isn't bad, it's just different! Each child is unique and has a variety of needs.

Watch this heart touching video of a deaf baby hearing his mother's voice for the very first time!

According to the family, their beautiful son Lachlan was diagnosed as having moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears. When he was 7 weeks old he received his first hearing aids. His reaction when they were turned on was truly amazing. They really cried from happiness.

Soon after Lachlan received his hearing aids, they linked into the Early Intervention Service, Tarayle, the oral language centre for deaf children.

Their beautiful little boy is now two years old and doing remarkably well.

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Credits: Toby Lever


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