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He Caught His Daughter Sleeping with No Clothes Next to a Stranger... His Reaction? Find Out Here!

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It's never easy to have a daughter in your family, You need to be more protective to them because there are a lot of guys who will start to court her when the time has come. As a father, it's hard to see your daughter dating another man, but what are you going to do when you caught her sleeping with no clothes on next to a stranger?

Well here's what the best dad ever did after having the same situation.

Read this letter from a Russian father that he shared to Reddit:

"Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind, Always"

Amazing story of Humanity isn't it? Share it to your friends and family to inspire more people!

Sources: TCF Elite Readers


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  1. He is adorable.If it's happen in the Philippines, I'm sure her dad will kill that man.
    I'm so proud of him, but because I'm in the Philippines I will kill my daughter's man.
    I swear.

    1. So what if you're in the Philippines? This is why you Filipinos despise each other so much. Then you always keep blaming your government for what's happening. Look at yourselves first and try to trust one another. Try to show compassion and love rather than hate. You guys are so pathetic...

    2. I agree. That guy should be dead then before breakfast 'coz its more fun in the Philippines, right? ������

    3. Wtf. For once, just stop comparing this and that to "IF this happened in the Philippines... bla bla bla" it didn't happened in their so just be happy for the man in the story

  2. I will surely cock a shot gun and shot the fucking ceiling above him to wake him up and scram...

  3. inspiring story with moral lessons...

  4. It was a good story. I adore the father's openness to the youth nowadays. I'm sure this will rarely happen in the Philippines because Filipinos are mostly conservative. But were not gonna kill the man though. LOL

  5. First we will fight together...after that asking him and explain why did that thing.then if its reasonable then I will listened to him.then we get friends




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