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Find Out Why This Video Tutorial on How to Prepare 'Pastillas' Gone Viral On Social Media!

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A lot of viral videos are lurking on social media, some are funny and some have made everyone cried and ignite their anger towards the people involved on the video.

We even had posted a lot of tutorials here on our website but I think this one is the most hilarious of them all. You should watch this video for you to find out why.

At first, it seems like the girl on the video was only going to teach you how to prepare your own home made Pastillas. But then she started saying rude things on her ex-boyfriend and how he treated her when they were still together. Watch the whole video for your own amusement or curiosity.

Some netizens laughed after watching this video, but there are still people who was offended by the way she talks.

Did you find this video funny or offensive? Share it with us!

Credits: Random Videos


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