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Find Out Why This Death-Defying Performance of Ella Cruz Trends Online!

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After conquering different Social Media sites with her exquisite 'Twerk it Like Miley' dance rendition, Ella Cruz is now once again going viral on the internet after her death-defying performance which made everyone insane.

Watch and prepare to be amazed by her breath-taking performance in the segment Clash of Celebrities on It's Showtime.

Ella Cruz proved that she's not just typical teenager who only knows how to twerk and do sexy dance on cam after pulling off the most death-defying stunts of her life yet which wowed all of her fans and viewers.

Well I think this is for all the bashers who constantly visits and kept on bashing her on her personal account in different social media sites, showing them that she's also capable of performing a different and more matured dance routine!

What do you think about her awesome performance? 
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Credits: Tom Johnson Inoc


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  1. kaloka ang galing naman!

  2. Ganyan na ba talaga sila kadesperado. Grabe

  3. Hahahaha desperada nga! Lahat gagawin malampasan lng ang kabilang istasyon. Kakatawa! 😂 kaylangan pang magpa kita ng PWET o Mag buwis buhay pra lng mag trending. Pathetic. 😂

  4. OMG!kailangan pa ba yan?buti walang sakit sa puso ang Ina nito!




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