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Controversial: Scientists Found New Species of Human!..Could This Be The Missing Link?

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Another major discovery in a cave in South Africa by the scientists is now circulating the internet after announcing that they have found the remains of a new member of the human family tree, The announcement was made during a press conference on Thursday.

The creature appears to have had a mix of human and primitive characteristics, which are being described as "bizarre" and "weird" by some experts, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Scientists have named the creature "Homo naledi." The word "Homo" represents the evolutionary group that includes modern people and our closest extinct relatives.

"Naledi" is the word for star in local language. The discovery was made in the Rising Star cave system.

The bones were found by a spelunker in a hard-to-access cave about 30 miles northwest of Johannesburg.

Researchers said that they have been unable to determine an exact age for the fossils, but disputing that the bones belong to a new species.

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