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CCTV Footage of a Drunk Woman Get Forced to Having Sexual Intercourse By a Man Goes Viral Online!

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One of the difficult things about trying to battle rape is the sheer number of myths, there is about sexual violence - how often it happens, what actually constitutes sexual assault, and how much responsibility the victim has. Unfortunately, there are men who only wait for the right time to do the evil things that are coming to their minds.

Watch this CCTV Footage of a drunk woman get forced into having sexual intercourse by a man, which have gone viral on social media.

This video was taken by a hidden camera in China showing how the man was forcing this drunk woman to get what he wanted with the girl. The guy fails to execute the wrong doings that he's planning as the girl slowly walks away from the scene in shocked after what happened to her.

Hopefully, the cops could arrest this evil man and let him pay for the price that he did to the awfully defenseless girl.

Source: Fun Videos 2015


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