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Bride-to-be Tries to Save Drowned Man While on Her Wedding...Now Hailed as the Prettiest!

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People now hailed a young nurse the 'prettiest bride' after she tries to save a man on September 21.

People's Daily Online reported that a bride named Guo Yuanyuan, 25, was shooting her wedding photos on a beach in Dalian, north east China, when she heard a man had drowned.

Guo, a nurse from the cardiac department at a hospital in Dalian, northeast China's Liaoning province rushed to the scene and tried to save the man by resuscitating him when he was brought ashore. She spent over 20 minutes to rescue the man. Unfortunately, the man eventually died.
Guo's boyfriend surnamed Liu felt proud to have such a girlfriend. "Guo even ran faster than me when we learned that there was a man suffering from sudden heart attack," he said.

This only show's that once you're a nurse, you'll be a nurse forever. Hats off for the effort; and for the victim, may your soul rest in peace. Heartfelt condolence to the family.


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