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Boy Met a Hot Girl Online! But What Happens Next Really is Unexpected!

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A lot things could be done with the means of browsing through the world wide web. This could help us reach other people, that's part of our lives or even easily meet other people with just a simple click and type.

But one downer here is that people can easily pretend to be somebody else just to take over your weaknesses.

Pedophiles are usually seen in playgrounds waiting for children, but not anymore. In this generation, they could easily pretend as if they are one person and lure the children into their trap only by using the internet.

Coby Persin, the one who created a social experiment on young girls along with the consent of the parents that have gone viral online last month used the same techniques, but it was created for the young boys who still needs guidance.

These results could make you rethink on using different social media sites.

Source: Coby Persin


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