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Angelica Yap a.k.a Pastillas Girl Will Teach You How to Make "Yema"

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Angelica Yap or also known as "Pastillas Girl" became the limelight after her guesting on ABS-CBN's noontime show "It's Showtime".

A lot of people are moved by her story, some find it interesting as she stated a lot of her experience on national television.

Yap was first seen on social media sites like Facebook  and twitter because of her video tutorial on how to make one of Filipinos favorite sweet Pastillas, with a simple touch of bitterness.

Now, She is back with another delicious recipe. She will teach us how to make another sweets which we could see even on a simple sari-sari store. Watch and learn how to make a delicious "Yema" with a touch of bitterness.

What are your thoughts about this "How To" by Pastillas Girl? Share it with us!

Credits: Top RandomVideos


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  1. nakakainis.. ang bitter.. bat ganon? minus ganda points ang pagmumura nya..
    naturn off ako bigla :(

  2. Amin met cguro nga tao.agsasao ti dakes..uray pay kitdi talaga nga mabwisbwisit kan madin nga body's perfect nga kna da..di kadi??

  3. buti sumikat pa yang babaeng yan kahilig magmura..
    yan palang yung sumikat sa mura. (Y)




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