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Actual Footage of a Suicide Bomber Crying Before Doing His Final Mission!

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A Footage of a young suicide bomber crying just moments before setting out on his final mission has emerged and goes viral on social media.

According to Hello U's report, the young jihadist, who has been named as Jafar-al-Tayyar, was fighting with al-Qaeda rebels, the al-Nursa Front, in northern Syria. He was part of an attack on the town of Fua, according to Radio Liberty.

We could all see in this video that the young man seems distressed as he is being comforted and hugged by militants around him.

While sitting inside an armoured vehicle loaded with explosives, he is reportedly told,
“Jafar, my brother, don’t be afraid. When you are scared, remember Allah.”

He replies: “I’m just scared I won’t succeed.”

He then drives away and blows the vehicle up with a huge smoke swelling into the air.

This is truly heart breaking, you can share us your thoughts regarding this story.

Source: Hello U


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