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4-Year-Old Girl Sexually Abused By Her Friends Aged 8, 9 and 10

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A four-year-old girl just wanted to play with her friends aged 8, 9, and 10 to have some fun, but the supposed game turned out to be a crime after these young men brought her on a dark alley in Mauban, Quezon and sexually harassed her.

According to GMA News report on Wednesday, September 2 2015, the father of the victim said that his daughter was the one who told him about what her 3 playmates did to her last Thursday.

He said that he was at work when the incident happened and his daughter was the only one who's left alone because her mother was working abroad. The young suspect admitted the crime that they've committed after the father of the victim ask him to confirm if it's true.

One of the suspects narrated the whole story and said that they just wanted to play with the victim when the eldest asked them to tie her and started the unimaginable crime.

The poor victim was brought to the social workers to have her checked up but they've said that a specialist needs to take her analysis.

The father asked for the help of the police authority regarding to the said incident but he was worried that his daughter will not going to meet the justice that she deserve because the suspects are minors.

Source: GMA News


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  1. putang ina... Di pa ba ibabalik Death Penalty! Bobo nga Gobyerno ng Pilipinas!




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