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Woman Saves Her Nephew After Losing It's Consciousness inside a Heavy Traffic...What She Did Could Teach You a Lesson!

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A 5-month-old baby  named Sebastian stopped crying while stuck in a heavy traffic which alerted his aunt Pamela Rauseo.

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According to Pamela, she noticed that something was not right because she was used to hear baby Sebastian crying and would have tantrums every time they were caught in a long traffic. She pulled over to check for her nephew and see if her thoughts were right.

After seeing the baby, she frantically tried to call 911 but failed to do so, because baby Sebastian is unconsciously not breathing and started to turn blue. She immediately took him out of the car seat because of fear that is coming on her mind.

She started asking for help to the people around the area, and luckily someone gave her a hand.

Pamela knew how to perform CPR, which what she did to Sebastian. The baby regained consciousness and the Fire Rescue checked on him to see if he needs any medical treatments.

Thankfully, Sebastian's Auntie know how to perform CPR which saved his life.

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