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What Happens to this Woman After She Proposed to Her Boyfriend is Really Confounding!

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Have you ever thought of a lady doing a marriage proposal to her man? Well here's one, but what happens to her really is unexpected.

This girl dressed herself up nicely and even put make on her face just to look good and ravishing to her boyfriend. Her friend asked if she's ready for the big night. She plans to have an all out marriage proposal in which her boyfriend didn't expected any.

As the camera rolled, they went into a party. After seeing her boyfriend, she then pulled him closer to her. Before saying the magical words out on her mouth, she have managed to turn off the music so everyone could hear her speech.

But the proposal didn't get so well cause she was rejected by her man. She's very embarrassed on how it turns out to be that she suddenly went ballistic and beats her boyfriend up.

What are your thoughts about this story?

Source: Wereblog


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