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Wedding Video of a Short Guy Marrying His Perfect Girl Will Surely Touch Your Heart!

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We may have seen a bunch of wedding videos that inspired us to have a better relationship, seeking for true love that will be by your side whatever struggle that you may encounter. Just like this couple who defied all odds despite of their uneven sizes.

Image from Youtube
The love story of these two loving pair became viral in social media after having the most magical wedding ever.

Elo and Mara is totally different from other relationships that we've seen because this couple really proves that love doesn't have any boundaries.

Their wedding video will leave your eyes in tears as you watch it, there is no more explanation to this but love. As they take vows, everybody was moved by their words, watch the video below for you to find out.

This Happily married couple now has a bouncing baby boy named Liam. They are now living a peaceful life with their own family.

Credit: Jaemi Cruz


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  1. Im crying while watching this video, my heart touch so much....




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