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Watch: Yaya Dub and Bae Alden's First Glance with Each Other

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According to the director of Eat Bulaga, Aldub love team was just an accident, let's take a closer look on how this trending love team became the most controversial tandem in today's entertainment.

Image from GMA Network
The staff of Eat Bulaga just found out that Main Mendoza has a crush on Alden Richards so they decided to make fun of the two talents.Because of this, they set-up a segment where they asked Alden to just sit and act like a handsome hunk as they will put the camera together with Yaya Dub.

While Yaya Dub was in the middle of her dubsmash acting, she suddenly saw the face of Alden Richards which made her blush, you can even feel her reaction as she smile, covering her lips with a fan thata she's been holding.

Watch the whole scene right from the start and feel once again their unforgettable 'Kilig Moments'.

Source: Wow Viral


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