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Watch: This Polite Thief Will Make You Wanna Give All Your Money in Your Pocket After Talking to Him

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One of the highest rate of crime committed incident is Theft. For some of them, stealing things that doesn't belong to them is part of their living. But not all are bad people,  roughly there are thieves that only does these kind of things because they had to, they need it because of their personal problems.

Image from Kiro TV
Just like this old robber who robbed a grocery store, but this video that you will see is very different to other robbery that you have ever watched or experienced.

According to the thief, he needs money to pay for his bills and buy food because his kids needs to be fed. What is more amazing is the part when he said that if he ever comes back to the store, he will pay for what he just received. He even apologized several times before he step out of the grocery store.

For me it is not a robbery, the situation really seems like it is more of asking for money. if they will be given a chance to have a better opportunity, then I'm pretty sure that they will probably not going to be a threat to other people.


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