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Watch the Priceless Reaction of this Baby After Meeting His Mother's Twin!

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Babies are undeniably adorable, whatever they do could really amaze us even with their simplest act. It could bring us smiles that we could not get to any other people. Even when you're tired, just a smile from these adorable babies could really take away the stress that you are having.
Just like this baby who met the twin of his mother, see and be amazed by this video after watching the priceless reaction of this little angel.

This 10-month-old boy named Felix had the most unforgettable experience when he met his aunt for the first time. This cute baby was born in Lithuania but his parents brought him to Canada to meet the rest of the family, including his auntie Steph who's apparently his mother's twin.

This baby could tell that he wasn't held by his own mother, but this reaction really is adorable.

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