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Watch: Korean Girl Surprised Her Boyfriend with a Dance...Cutest Wedding Proposal Ever!

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We have seen a lot of wedding proposals these days. Some maybe very unusual but still looks sweet as they give everything they could just to get the magic word from their loved ones.

Just like this very unusual yet cutest wedding proposal of a Korean girl to her boyfriend that's with her through thick and thins. Watch and feel the love coming from these two lovers.

In this video, the girl already knew that her boyfriend would go to a shopping center with his friends. And with a help of a friend, they took the lucky guy to the spot where they are doing the proposal. The boyfriend was very surprised after an adorable ladies started dancing to the beat of Bubidu by a Pink as the crowd cheers with amusement.

While the ladies continues to dance to the beat, they grabbed some signs that says "Will You Marry Me". The sweet girlfriend suddenly approached the guy and gave him a bouquet of flowers. He kissed her in which we assumed that the answer is "YES".

Did you find this video cute and wonderful? Share us your thoughts and comment it down below!

Source: Wereblog


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