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Watch How This Guy Throw Things Perfectly without even Looking... Amazing Throwing Skills if You Ask Me!

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There are a lot of people who have shown their skills here on social media and have gone viral over time. But still, there are people who has amazingly hidden talents that needed to be discovered by the Netizens.

Image from Facebook
Watch how this amazing guy throw things without even looking at it, maybe some people will not going to consider this as a skill but this is for me!

This video was uploaded by SoFloAntonia, and now has more than 9 million views and garnered 100 thousand like and shares Facebook user on his fan page, Watch and see it for yourself.

Posted by SoFloAntonio on Saturday, May 9, 2015

This throwing tricks really is fascinating because he was only using his phone as a mirror to see where he was going to aim and shoot everything that he's been holding, The best part of this video for me is when he threw the keys, he freaking nailed it!

Tell me what you think is the best part of this video on the comment section below!

Credit: SoFloAntonia


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