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Watch: Guy Failed to Catch the Ring and Falls Off the Roof While Having a Wedding Proposal !

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Wedding proposals are getting even more crazier, these men wanted to have the most unique yet the best wedding proposals they could give to their loving girlfriend which will soon to be their wife.

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They put huge amount of effort just to give them the most unforgettable moment to their partner.

Josh, the main man on the video, had a quite simple preparation for his girlfriend Brooke.
What he did is just stood on the ledge of the rooftop terrace where their friends gathered for the announcement. Then he asked his friend for the ring, but when the box was thrown at him, a very unexpected incident occurred when Josh missed catching the little box.

He falls out off the roof leaving his girlfriend terrified and all that she could do is scream, she immediately ran to see what happened to her boyfriend.

Luckily it was all part of the act, it's just a simple yet unforgettable wedding proposal.

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