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Viral: Unexpected Breakup on a Roller Coaster...You'll be Surprised After Hearing Words from this Man!

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Carnival rides supposed to be fun especially with your loved ones, but these two lovers didn't expected what will happened after riding a roller coaster.

Image from Youtube
This couple just made a really bad decision after riding a roller coaster. The guy who's clearly not in to these kind of things really said some hurtful words on his woman. While watching the video, you could see in his face that he's not happy on what was his girlfriend wants. The girl seems like a very enthusiastic and fun to be with while this guy looks like doesn't go to places.

Although there might be a big chance that this video was fake, but in case not, I don’t think it was just the roller coaster that made him want to break up. At one point he says “You’re always making me do sh*t I don’t want to do”, and the roller coaster just made him snap.

Reminder to all lovers out there, don't just go or do something without any permission of your partner. You should be very considerate to each other's feelings.

Source: Ozooo


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