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Viral: 91-year-old Steriled Woman Found Out that She's been Pregnant for 6 Decades!

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A 91-year-old woman named Estela Meléndez who lived in La Boca,Chile said that she was never going to have her own children after finding out that she's steriled.
But found out that she had been carrying a dead fetus in her uterus for more than 60 years after an accident.
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According to CNN Report, doctors discovered something on her belly after Estela Melendez fell and received an X-ray. She told the doctors that she had a lump on her belly for several years, but never thought anything of it.

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But after the X-ray medics discovered a large mass of supposed-tumor on her, they have suggestes that it needs to be removed immediately.
But the tumor turned out to be a calcified fetus.
Estela felt really bad when she found out that she was supposed to be a mother.
Melendez's husband died in January at the age of 91. She said that one of her few regrets in her 91 years is that the couple was unable to have children. 

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"We suffered tremendously because of this reason," Melendez said. 
Local doctors said that since the fetus is calcified it poses no risk to Meléndez, and that it would be more dangerous to operate because of her age, so the fetus will stay inside her.
Source: XolXol


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