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Villagers Cuts Off This Man's Private Part After Allegedly Caught Raping a Girl

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Rape is one of the most inhumane things that a person could've done. People say that these rapists need to be punished so they cannot do such things. Just like what these villagers did to this man who allegedly raped a little girl.

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Suresh Kumar was caught harassing a girl, his attempt of raping the poor little woman failed after he was caught by a passer-by. The witness then sought to help to end this man's insanity.

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Outnumbered, the angry villagers mercilessly beat him up  and dragged him to a Butcher's Shop to cut off his manliness.

He was then brought to the streets and left almost lifeless. The authorities arrived to rescue the accused man and told the villagers that they should've waited for the cops and let them do their job, because it was never accepted by the law when you put the justice onto your own hands.

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Kumar was rushed to the hospital to give him a medical treatment. He survives the incident, but left without his source of happiness.

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