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Video: This Wedding Proposal Right After Their Friend's Marriage Will Surely Give you Goosebumps!

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Wedding proposals are getting even more and more sweeter as people wanted it to be unforgettable, some of these proposals really are remarkable.

Watch this video of a wedding proposal which have done right after their friend's marriage, this could surely give you goosebumps.

In this video, the bride is about to throw the bouquet of flowers in which the tradition said that who ever catch it is going to be the next one who will be getting married. But the unexpected thing happens, instead of throwing the flowers into the air, the bride just turned around and handed over the bouquet to the bridesmaid. Watch and see what happens next!

A special day for the newly married couple and her bridesmaid gaining a proposal. How wonderful for the bride to share her special day, and spread the love around.

Credits: Tyler Pulse


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