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Unbelievable Rare White Whale Caught on Camera!

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There are still a lot of mysteries in the ocean water, scientists may have found a lot of species in it, but still there are a lot of strange creatures that are undiscovered. Whenever there is a rare sightings of these unfamiliar sea creatures, we are all amazed.

Image from Telegraph
Just like this rare humpback whale who was spotted swimming in the coast of Queensland. According to some people, this amazingly white whale is is the famous Migaloo.

However, the people said that it was not Migaloo that was swimming in the coast. It was a younger and smaller albino whale that was seen on the coast.

Not all people gets a chance to see and experience this kind of rare event. After the visit of the rare albino whale, the watchers are now waiting for him to comeback and amaze the people once again.

Credit: James Chambers


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