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Yaya Dub's Live Performance and a Chance to Meet Bae Alden in Broadway Centrum!

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Wednesday, August 12 ,2015- On Eat Bulaga's segment KalyeSerye, Yaya Dub had a chance to perform live on Broadway Centrum.
Image from Eat Bulaga
This is a great chance for the fans to witness and see Yaya Dub and Bae Alden holding each other's arms for the very first time. But Lola Nidora stopped Alden to make a deal and if he could pull this off, he will get his chance to meet Yaya Dub.
Lola Nidora even said some words to the audience: "Lahat ng bagay pinagtatyagaan. Lahat ng bagay pinaghihirapan. Lahat ng bagay pinagsisikapan,". "Ano 'to, fan sign lang, love na? Text-text lang, kayo na? "Lahat ng bagay, nasa tamang panahon." While Yaya Dub's performance, Alden pursued on doing the deal made by Lola Nidora.

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In the end, Alden missed Yaya Dub because she had to run out of the Broadway Centrum for the reason that she was cursed by a witch.

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  1. alam mu ung time na hndi kana makapaghintay sa unang date nila sa sabado .. kinikilig na ako .. aldub go.. kayo lang ang mo.1 sa puso namin..iloveyou




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