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Trending: Yaya Dub Shows Off Another Talent By Playing Drums of a Coldplay Song

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Some people kept bashing Yaya Dub on social media and claiming that she has no talent, guess what, she overloads herself with it.

Watch how Maine "Yaya Dub" Mendoza nailed the song "In My Place" of Coldplay by playing drums.Who would imagine that a girl who acts like something funny can play an instrument like this?

This video was caught while she was playing the drums and really got it very good. Well, this awesome girl has loads of talents such as singing and dancing, although we can not hear her voice on the segment of Eat Bulaga.

People really are impressed by this video, she now once again trends on social media because people found another reason to adore her and of course fall in love with her.

Any thoughts about this awesomely talented Girl? Share it with us!

Credits: Maine Mendoza


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