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TIPS: Having Trouble on your Slow WiFi Connection? Let's Make it Faster!

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One of the most important part of today's technology is the internet connection, and Wireless Fidelity or WiFi is the one who helps the users to receive the signal and use it to access the full capability of their smart phones or other device.

But we could not deny how our connection have gone slow as time goes by and we are here to give you some easy tips to make your internet experience faster.

First , place your router in an area where it is stable and has equal signal strength in any part of your house.

Second, lift your router off the ground because the router cannot get the signal or the radio waves. Also routers are designed to broadcast waves downwards.

Third, keep your WiFi router away from other electronic devices, This could also be the reason of signal interruption. Because they are consuming the signal which the router could've had.

Fourth, point the antennas in different directions. Most routers have two antennas so that the signal would be stronger.

Lastly, measure your signal strength in order for you to compare the connection that you have that you've had before. Enjoy surfing!

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