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This Poor Newborn Baby was Abandoned by her Mother 'Face-Down' in a Public Toilet!

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The percentage rate of abandoned children is getting even higher as the number of teenage pregnancy became even younger. These inconsiderate parents don't know how important life is.

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Just like this news after a Beijing police officer found a horrifying scene when they found out that a crying newborn baby was stuck in a public toilet.

The newly born baby girl was believed to be abandoned by her mother who just gave birth to the child on a Sunday afternoon. The infant was extracted from the sewer of the squat toilet after cops arrived. Blood on the floor indicated that the child had been thrown into the said toilet right after being delivered.

“The baby’s head was upside down and the whole body has fallen into the sewer. I could vaguely see the baby’s feet from the side,” police officer Qian Feng said.

Luckily, the poor little baby did not suffer any serious injuries after the incident, they rushed her to the hospital to give her a medical treatment.

Police believed that the motive of the abandonment of the child is because of China's Strict one-child policy wherein couples who have more than one child will be facing serious fines.

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