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This Inspiring Story of a Boy Who's Face is Melting Will Surely Make You Cry!

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We all wanted our child to have a healthy body. But what we don't know is why things unexpectedly happens.

Just like the inspiring story of a boy who's face is melting but fought for his life and survives. This only proves that your struggle is part of your story that you are making.

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10 years ago, Barbara and Guillermo Melendez give birth to a baby,named Diego on the Island of Puerto Rico. According to their interview, Diego has huge cheeks and everyone would compliment their child. The couple was very happy to have such a gorgeous baby, but then one unexpected thing occurred.

When Diego reached 4 years old, they knew there is something wrong in his face, it appears to be caving in. The people then started asking if the child had an accident or if he fell down that caused his face to be deformed.

Doctors diagnosed Diego with Parry Romberg Syndrome, an immune disease that eats away the soft tissues.

Diego then started thinking that God wants him to be like this because he has plans for him. According to him, other people's reaction is very different in a way that they've thought that he's not normal. But he said that Just because his face is different it doesn't mean that he's not an ordinary boy.

The family moved to Orlando Florida so they can get help from from one of the top plastic surgeons in the country because their son's face is becoming more and more disfigured.

When the surgeon saw the young boy's face, he said that it was urgent and it needed to be operated immediately. The estimated cost of the surgery is a shocking $100,000, and their prayers were answered when the Orlando Church Community started to have fund raising for Diego's operation.

Together with the Hospital's help, they've managed to earn enough money to have Diego's surgery.

After a successful operation, Diego was delighted with the result. His friends was very amazed and surprised when they saw him. Everyone is really happy and impressed with the results.


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