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This Girl Has a Barbie Looking Face Together with her Amazing Body Strength!

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Having a healthy body is one way to live a longer life so we could enjoy it more further. The best way to achieve a healthy body is through eating nutritious meals and of course proper exercise. But there are people who have gone way too obnoxious because they are bound to weight lifting .

Image from Girls with Muscle
Just like Julia Vins, the girl who has a Barbie looking face but have an amazing body strength. This 18-year-old Russian girl was engaged to body-lifting and became one of the strongest woman in the world.

At first she only wanted to be stronger, to gain confidence and to be able to protect herself so she decided to go to the gym and work out without any programs. She did not know that she will be attached to power-lifting. The opportunity came sometime in 2012, so she grabbed that chance.

This girl did not worry about what other people would say, as long as she's happy on what she's been doing, she will keep on moving.


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