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This Foreign Father and Son Will Surely Entertain You After Hearing them Speak 'Beki Words'!

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A lot of foreigners tries to speak in our language because they wanted to be part of our country. They even hire people just to teach them how to speak in tagalog. It could really entertain us after hearing these foreigners speaking in our language because of their accent.

Image from Youtube
But watch this two foreigner as they rove around the city while asking and talking to people using 'Beki words'.

It was uploaded in their YouTube account named Tsong and Tsonggo, this doesn't have that much views unlike some other videos that we recently posted in this website. But still, I know that this will really entertain you just like how it entertains me.

This father and son tandem will surely be recognized by Filipinos because we pretty much welcome people who loves our country together what's inside of it.

Tell us if you find this video amazingly entertaining! The two foreigners will surely read your comments!


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  1. Dilis,and dried fish should be cook before eating this.and should have vinegar to appreciate the taste.




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