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This 14-Year-Old Girl Set to Meet a Guy from Facebook... But Left Terrified After Finding Out who's with Him!

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Young girls nowadays are getting even more hooked up in online dating. Through social media sites, they've manage to see and meet other people that they don't actually knew in person. But because of this, crime gets even more easier to execute for criminals because they have a chance to hide their true identities by just making simple 'fake account'.

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A YouTuber named Coby Persin showed the danger of social media by doing a social experiment regarding to this matter. He lured young innocent girls on Facebook with the consent of their parents. See what happens next.

While doing this experiment, the parents of these girls was with Coby to see if their child are going to do such thing without their permission. They were all baffled and terrified as their angels lied to them.

Reminder to all parents or guardians out there, Asking your daughter to stay off social media is a poor and ill advice method. She will do it anyway whether you want it or not.

Try to educate her to learn how these criminal prey on innocents so that she won't be so innocent anymore. You should know that you won't be able to watch over her all the time. If she is well educated on these things she will be able to avoid these by herself.

What are your thoughts regarding to this social experiment? Does it help you have more knowledge about social media?

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