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The Man Behind These Controversial Photos Have Spoken... Does this Changes Everything?

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The man behind these photos made a lot of controversies after it went viral in the year 2012 on the internet. A lot of people were enraged by this act of Cannibalism after seeing him on the photos eating a fetus.

Image from Wereblog
But are these photos real or fake? Watch what does the man behind these pictures would say about it and you'll be the judge on his explanation.

According to him, these photos were just a part of an art exhibition. The portraits were done by Zhu Yu for the Shanghai arts festival in 2000.

Image from Wereblog
He claims that there is no religion forbids cannibalism. Nor can he find any law which prevents them from eating people. He took advantage of the space between morality and the law and based his work on it.

He even said that they used real aborted fetuses from a medical school and ate the meat for the sake of his art.

What do you think? Do these explanations changes everything?

Source: Wereblog


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  1. Sure there isn't.... but think about your own dead flesh being eaten by somebody...what would you feel?

  2. you wont feel anything, your dead!!!




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