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The Confounding Story Behind This Woman who Stops the Cops From Beating Her Son Will Surely Amaze You!

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Mothers are going to do everything for the sake their children and to ensure their safety. They could kill anyone who tends to hurt their child, because that's how our mother's love works. It is undeniably beyond any other love.

Image from YouTube
Just like this photo who have gone viral on the internet which made a controversial after this woman stops the authorities from beating her son.

The picture shows a very dramatic scene on how this mother protected her son from being tortured by these abusive cops. The story goes, after seeing her son being abused by the authorities, she rushed in while holding a bolo knife and threatened the police that she will go to cut his throat. The other cops then pointed their guns at the furious mother.

After doing some research, we've found out that this is just a part of a scene on a film entitled Cristo Rey which is taken from Haiti for their movie festival on year 2013.

Source: CyberWarzone


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