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Terrifying Footage of an 8-Year-Old Kid Who Was Allegedly Levitated by Unwanted Ghost!

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There are strange things that happens everyday, but we cannot deny how we are being very vigilant when it comes to ghosts.

Watch this terrifying footage of  Ghost / Poltergeist levitation "caught on tape" as 8 years Sean Shapiro Slept. Paranormal activity has been tormenting Shapiro Residence.

In this extraction Marry Shapiro caught the poltergeist on video tape in her son's bedroom. Philip & Marry were instructed by Dr Von Koeslter to document any paranormal activity occurring in their home. Now released to the public in this "ghost caught on tape" phenomenon.

What are your thoughts regarding this video? Do you think this one is real or just another fake video?

Source: Vonkoestler


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