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Teenage Girl Grows Face on Her Chest After Getting Caught Up on a Huge Fire...AMAZING!

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A seventeen-year-old girl named  Xu Jianmei from a small fishing town in China’s Fujian province, became disfigured after getting burned in a fire when she was only five years old.

At the time, her parents were unable to afford treatment, which meant that Xu would miss the window where optimal healing from skin grafts could occur. For most of her life, Xu has been missing a chin, eyelids, and a portion of her right ear.

She was offered the opportunity to have her life changed beyond all recognition in the year 2012. Doctors proposed that they use blood vessel fascia from her leg in order to grow enough skin needed for her face. A balloon was placed in her chest in order to expand and stretch the skin as it grew.

The process of growing the skin took several months and the doctors had to ensure that the skin could stay alive in its new location before the next steps could be taken.

After an 8-hour-long surgery On October 14, Xu’s commitment paid off and she received facial reconstruction, complete with her new skin.

There is considerable swelling from the surgery, but over the next few weeks, the swelling to decrease and the scars to minimize as the healing process continues.

The doctors who operated on Xu are confident that she will be able to express herself more completely than ever before, as she will be able to smile for the first time since she was five years old and she will eventually even be able to blush.

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Source: IFL Science


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