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Sweetest Magician: Amazing Magic Trick Turned Out To Be a Wedding Proposal !

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Have you ever been tricked by a magician? Fascinating isn't it? Maybe some of their magic tricks are a bit classic but still we couldn't find how did they do that without leaving any hints. But did you already asked yourself how sweet are they when it comes to a serious relationship?

You should see how this sweet magician tricked his girlfriend with one of a kind magic in which he didn't stopped practicing until he perfected it.

In this video, the magician planned a date with his girlfriend and told her that he learned another new trick and he wanted her to be the first one who will witness it's magic. Watch and see what happens next!

The amazing magic trick turned out to be a wedding proposal, the girl says "Yes" of course!
What kind of wedding proposal would you like if you will be given a chance? Share it with us!

Credits: Zak Mirzadeh


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