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Street Dancer Accidentally Pees on a Man in Vegas... His Reaction? HILARIOUS!

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People always say that "What happens to Vegas, Stays in Vegas", but what happened to this man was recorded on his friend's camera, I think none of them are going to forget this hilarious event of their lives.

Image from YouTube
Watch this video of a man who got paid by a street dancer in Vegas who was supposed to be entertaining him but ended up ruining his night.

This video has gone viral on YouTube after the lady who's lap dancing in front of this man while lying on the floor lose some bladder control and jingled some urine on him. The guy was very shocked and all that he could do is just run and wipe the urine out of his body.

But is this just a prank for those men who wanted to flirt with her? Because while watching the video, you can see that she put her hands on her back before urinating on this upset man.

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Source: InformOverload


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