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Star Cinema's "Ex with Benefits" Movie Trailer Trends on Social Media!

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One of the largest Filipino film and television production company Star Cinema just made another viral topic on social media after releasing one of their most controversial films "Ex with Benefits".

Based on the movie’s trailer, Garcia plays Arkisha, a med rep who needs to seek the endorsement of a top doctor Adam (Ramsay) so she will be named medical representative of the year.

The two, however, turn out to be former lovers and it has been a decade since their separation.

In one of the scenes, Adam tells Arkisha that it is the duty of medical representatives to convince doctors about the products they are selling. To which, she answers: “Don’t worry, it’s worth it.”

The film was directed by Gino M. Santos, “Ex with Benefits” is co-produced by Star Cinema and Viva Films. It opens in theaters on September 2 2015.

Credits: ABS-CBN Star Cinema  / Source: ABS-CBN


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